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    Production dry granulator GL5-100
    Production dry granulator GL5-100
    產品名稱:Production dry granulator GL5-100
    所屬類別:Dry granulator series
    更新日期:2018-12-10 09:33:24


    working principle:

      The pulverized material in the material is used to load the powder material into the hopper, and is pressed into a sheet by hydraulic action on the pressing wheel, and then pulverized and sized to form particles of a desired size.

    Structural features:

    1. The main machine has one device of feeding, pressing, granulating, granulating and sieving.

    2. The auxiliary machine can quantitatively load the material automatically, return the remaining amount, and automatically deliver the finished product.

    3, PLC centralized control, with fault monitoring and automatic elimination.

    4, the shape of the finished product is mostly polyhedral cylindrical strip-like flat spherical shape.

    5. The two-stage granulation system adopts independent frequency conversion speed control, which can effectively improve the yield and output.

    The purpose of the dry method:

    1. Pharmaceutical industry: such as tablets, granules, capsules.

    2, food industry: such as snacks, spices, dairy products, health products particles.

    3. Chemical industry, etc. Such as cosmetics, pesticides, chemical industry drugs, feed, animal medicine particles.

    Advantages of dry granulation:

    1. No intermediate additive is needed. The granularity of the finished product after granulation is uniform, the bulk density is increased to improve the appearance and fluidity, the disintegration degree can be controlled, the waste of powder is reduced, the environmental pollution is reduced, the subsequent processing is facilitated, and the storage and transportation are convenient.

    2. It is suitable for drug control particles which are unstable under wet and hot conditions, which can not be granulated by traditional wet granulation.

    3. Save manpower, material resources and financial resources

    Technical Parameters

    Model parameter



    Production capacity (kg/h )



    Total power   (kw)



    Roller size(mm)



    Roller speed(rpm)



    Screw feed speed(rpm)



    Primary crushing speed(r/min)



    Secondary granulation speed(r/min)



    Roller motor power(KW)



    Host weight      (kg)



    Mainframe dimensions  (mm)






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